K-12 School Clocks

K-12 Schools

Industries ServedWhen Cost Matters
We understand the need for cost-effective solutions. Our school clock design plans will include the repurposing and integration of existing equipment where possible in order to save costs.

National Time & Signal solutions also provide the Lowest Lifecycle costs in the industry on school clocks. Proven product longevity... our systems are proven to last over 5 times longer than our competitors'. Maintenance free - our systems are designed to minimize cost and maintenance headaches common to other systems.  No batteries, no adjustments, instant reset.

System Designs that Fit
We are experienced at designing and implementing systems that meet the specific needs of facility managers, faculty, and students of all ages.

District Wide or Individual Building Solutions
National Time & Signal can support multi facility integration or single building applications including remote diagnostic capabilities.

Durable "Student Proof" Products
We design and manufacture products that can withstand a high amount of abuse from students of all ages.

Environmentally Friendly
We support green technology through energy efficiency, and we eliminate a major source of toxic waste through battery-free design.

U.S. Manufacturer
We manufacture all of our products and operate all of our divisions entirely in the United States.  We are a school clock manufacturer that is a part of your community!