Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Fire Alarm Systems Overview

Fire Alarm SystemFeaturing On-Point™
America's pioneer in Life Safety Systems takes Fire Alarm and Emergency Communication to a new level with unprecedented IP connectivity and Interactive Graphical Display technologies.

On-Point™ Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Deliver:

 Industry leading Life Safety Systems and Property Protection
arrow Advance alerts and critical fire information for Firefighters and Police
arrow Graphical Display of fire incidents, building architecture, egress, stairs, elevators, fire hoses, hazardous materials...
arrow Intuitive touch screen command and control

 Multi-functionality to maximize Owner Investment and provide Revenues
arrow Event promotion and advertising displays
arrow Emergency messaging
arrow Directories, facility mapping, weather...

 Lowest Cost of Ownership
arrow Engineered and manufactured to last the life of the facility
arrow Remote diagnostics enhance maintenance efficiencies
arrow IP connectivity for factory/dealer support and remote programming


On-Point™ Key Features:
On-Point™ is a centralized, comprehensive Life Safety & Facilities Management system with modular components for:
  • Interactive Graphics Management
  • Commercial Fire Alarm Systems Management
  • Emergency Communications
  • Maintenance Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Multi-Function Information Portals
Interactive Graphics Manager
  • Way finding
  • Facility Mapping
  • Directories / Searches
  • Event Promotion
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Advertising Placement
  • Weather
Fire Alarm Manager
  • Display of Fire Alarm status events
  • Event acknowledgement
  • System Control for silence and reset
  • Time and date stamping of events
  • History logging
  • User level access control
  • Telecommunications: Text & E-mail messaging by event
  • Instructional operator message per event point
  • Graphic Maps
  • Device / circuit / zone disable / enable controls
Emergency Communication Manager
  • Emergency Paging
  • Telecommunications: Text & E-mail messaging by event
  • Pre-recorded emergency messages
  • Audio input paging systems and selection control
  • Display of emergency messages

Maintenance Manager

  • Quality Assurance Management
  • System layout
  • Component tracking
  • Firmware version tracking
  • User level access control
  • Detector clean air reporting
  • Fire Alarm system upload and download
  • System reporting
Systems Integration Manager
  • Legacy System & Multiple Vendor Products Integration Tool
Multi-Function Information Portals
  • Building Locator
  • Parking Information
  • Directory with Graphical Maps
  • Bus Schedules and Routing
  • Event Promotions
  • Dining Menus
  • Local Weather
  • Power Usage Graphing
  • General Purpose Marquee Announcements
  • Custom Content

Much of what we offer at National Time & Signal recognizes that time is your money, and accurate time keeping is essential to your business. But when it comes to commercial fire alarm systems, time can mean lives saved.

You depend on a system that spreads the alarm quickly and dependably. Failure is not an option. It’s one of the few options we make sure is not included in an NTS commercial fire alarm system.