TIMEWiSE™ DW Digital Series

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TIMEWiSE™ DW Digital Series

National Time has been manufacturing wifi based clocks since 2009. We leveraged this knowledge and experience not only to create a digital clock with unsurpassed features but, is also the easiest to use.

Each clock has a built-in setup wizard making configuring it to your building’s wifi network a fast and simple process. Configuration can be accomplished using a smart phone or laptop without the need to install any special software. Time synchronization can be provided by any SNTP time server on the internet, or local network.

National Time offers a local TiMEWiSETM Supervision Server (Bulletin C-531) or the TiMEWiSETM Device Cloud service (Bulletin C-575). When using these National Time services, the connection, signal strength and other statuses of the clocks are monitored. The Supervision Server is a device on the local network eliminating the need for an internet SNTP server. The free TiMEWiSETM Device Cloud service monitors clock statuses and synchronization history allowing a proactive approach to system maintenance.

National Time’s digital clock series has more features that benefit your organization than any other. National’s exclusive automatic dim feature that decreases the brightness to compensate for low ambient light levels associated with artistic and video productions. This not only provides a pleasant brightness level, but also saves energy during nighttime hours. Nine brightness levels may be selected to satisfy the brightest locations.

A class-change timer function is also supported. A popular option in K-12 schools. Count down the time left until students become tardy between classes. Alternately, a count-up timer function can be selected for other custom applications. These events can be scheduled using the TiMEWiSETM Supervision Server. A smart phone or laptop can also be used to control an elapsed timer or count-down timer. Add a durable metal housing to the long life epoxy filled digit segments and you won’t find better value. Available in both 2.25” and 4” wide bar digits that increase the visibility over clocks of comparable size. 6-Digit versions displaying hours, minutes and seconds are also available.




arrow Long-Life Epoxy Sealed Display
arrow Auto-Dim Feature perfect for

  • Theatrical, Video, and Artistic Productions
  • Hospital Surgical Suites 
  • Longer Life
  • Power Savings

arrow 12/24-hr Display Format
arrow Count-up/down Timer Capability
arrow No Master Clock Required
arrow Battery-Less Backup Timekeeping
arrow Durable Steel Housing
arrow No Server Software Required
arrow Leverage Existing WiFi Networks
arrow Easy Setup
arrow Compatible with 802.11b/g/n Networks
arrow Supports Existing Security Schemes

arrow Compatible with National’s TiMEWiSETM Family of Devices

Product Specs arrow

TIME WiSE™ Digital Clock

Single Face Mount  arrow

Double Face Mount arrow