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National Time & Signal - Online Help

National Time & Signal - Online Help

On this page you can find manuals and patches for National Time's WeCAN series of networked clock controllers, including the WeNC and the MC100LAN.


WeNC - Networked Clock Controller
WeM-MC100/WeMC3 - Network Setup and Circuit Programming Guide


Latest release: 4.0d
Warning: please verify your product type in the event log of the module's web interface before selecting a firmware file.

Please contact for the latest firmware patches.

Video Training

Updating LAN Module Firmware: You can update your LAN module's firmware to the latest version using the steps in this three-part demo. Note that this is generally not required unless recommended by National's tech support team. Note that these videos require Adobe Flash Player.

  1. Getting Ready to Update - Logging into the module, saving its settings and downloading the new image to your desktop.
  2. Updating with Windows Explorer - Update your firmware by dragging and dropping a file.
  3. Updating with Windows Command Line - Recommended for IT Professionals. May be more reliable than the first method.


SNTP/TIME Network Test - Windows program to test your network for availability of time servers.
Legacy LAN Device Scanner - Use this to find old WeM/LAN modules before version 4.0.
LAN Device Scanner - Use this to find current version WeM/LAN modules version 4.0 or later.