Wired Clock Systems

 Clock Systems Overview

Wired Clock Systems

Wired clocks systems are the time-tested solution for providing synchronized time in schools, hospitals, and other facilities. Wired clocks provide proven reliability with low long-term cost of ownership that cannot be matched by other systems. Whether you're dealing with new construction, a renovation, or just a couple replacements, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of wired clock systems.

Digital Clocks

  •  Instant Time Correction
  •  Great Visibility
  •  Automatic Brightness Control
  •  Long-Life Epoxy-Sealed Display

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RDS Analog Clocks

  •   Instant Time Correction
  •  Maintenance-Free
  •  Rugged Design
  •  Green Solution

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Spectrum Clocks

  •  Economical
  •  Universal Compatibility
  •  Low Profile Case

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EX Analog Clocks

  •  Rugged Synchronous Motor
  •  Smooth-Operating Sweep Second Hand
  •  Time-Tested Conventional Movement

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Master Clocks

  •  Integrate with PA/Sound Systems
  •  Mix Wired and Wireless Clocks
  •  Advanced Bell Scheduling

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Which is the best Wired Clock System for me?

Check out our Clock Selection Guide, or contact one of our sales engineers now!

What makes a National Time & Signal Wired Clock System so special?

Low Cost of Ownership

Our wired clocks are designed to last the life of the facility with minimal maintenance.

Universal Replacements

With a large range of universal replacement options at different voltages, we can provide reliable replacements for broken clocks without the cost of an entirely new system.

Advanced Master Clocks

In addition to sending time to our clocks, National Time's master clocks provide extensive bell scheduling options, as well as time-sync to PA systems.


With our network-enabled master clocks, you can ensure your clock system is synchronized with NIST atomic clocks or your own building's computer system.


With a wired clock system, you don't need to worry about changes in wireless technology. FCC rules, or IT Infrastructure. Your clocks will provide reliable time regardless of the Infrastructure changes around them.