Clock Systems

Clock Systems Overview

National Time's industry leading integrated Synchronized Clock Systems keep your facility on time. Combining the finest traditional Wired and robust battery operated systems with web enabled technology we make sure that your clocks, bells and technology all have the same time source.  

We invented and manufactured the World’s first synchronized clock system and have remained on the cutting edge the of synchronized time as we lead the way into our third century. Our Wired and Wireless technolgy is not only "Green", but offer a complete solution for your entire location.

arrow Exceptional product quality extends service life which means the initial product spend is stretched much farther. Many of our systems are still in service after 50 years.  This saves our clients a lot of money and protects Mother Earth.

arrow Energy costs as low as 10 cents per year is easy on the environment as well as our clients’ strained operating budgets.

arrow The steel, brass and copper materials we use are among the world’s most recycled at 70-90%.  Compare that to the 15% recycle rate of our competitors’ plastics – and they could be in the landfill for thousands of years.

arrow We promote long lasting battery design. Leading to reduced labor and disposal costs, while we allow your facility to make the best use of your existing Wi-Fi system.