Clock Systems

Clock Systems Overview

National Time's industry leading integrated Synchronized Clock Systems keep your facility on time. Combining the finest traditional "Wired" and "Battery operated system"s with Web enabled technology we make sure that your clocks, bells and technology all have the same time source.  

We invented and manufactured the World’s first synchronized clock system and have remained on the cutting edge the of synchronized time as we lead the way into our third century. National Time has a comprehensive solution for whatever your immediate need is with a simple and easy instalation process. To begin understanding your options and determining your next steps click on our contact us link and let us know what questions you might have, what alternatives you might explore and what the costs might be. Please let us know if you are...

arrow Replacing existing clocks

arrow Renovating a building

arrow Starting a new construction project and need specific language that guarantees that you get exactly what your customer needs

arrow Not sure what system you have in place currently and would like to know more about it. We work with multiple clock Manufacturers so we can point you in the right direction

arrow Interested in making better use of your existing Wi-Fi Infrastructure and would like begin to transfer system clocks over to more efficient technology

arrow Feel as if you need to gain tighter control of your time sources to optimize production in a Manufacturing, Industrial or Corporate setting


We are the oldest manufacturer of clock systems in the United States and have the experience you need to make the right decision and secure the best value for your organization. We would not have been here since 1874 if we did not know our stuff and make Premium quality cock system products. We appreciate the continued opportunity to earn your business and we promise that you will receive an optimal solution at an affordable cost.