TIMEWiSE Supervision Server

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TIMEWiSE Supervision Server

National Time’s TIMEWiSE family of devices can create a network of clocks, chimes, class change countdown timers, elapsed timers and other input/output devices using your existing WiFi infrastructure. While these devices can function autonomously and be scheduled for events through their individual web pages, this LAN based device server brings your system to the next level. The TIMEWiSE Scheduler and Time Supervision Server can function as the “check-in” server for all of your TIMEWiSE devices on your network. The connection status and last check-in information is displayed through a standard web browser. Also, the WiFi signal strength at each device is listed allowing your IT department to map the wireless coverage and monitor access point function and e-mails can be sent directly to the appropriate personnel.

As a Time Server, this device will act as a single point connection to an internet or local time authority and synchronize all TIMEWiSE devices decreasing network traffic.

This device server also creates an event scheduler for your entire TIMEWiSE system. Create up to 32 “virtual” circuits of nearly unlimited devices simplifying event programming.

The (-R) versions include two programmable relay contacts to activate local circuits such as PA system,tones or wired bell circuits. The hard-wired (-HW) versions allow mounting to a standard electrical box to simplify line voltage installations.

All of National Time’s LAN based master clocks can also perform all of these functions, this unit is simply the smallest, most cost effective solution. Alternately, our TIMEWiSE Configuration software can be installed on a network Windows PC as a task-bar program.



arrow Small Footprint, mounts anywhere
arrow Built-in Web Server, no Software to Install
arrow Supervises TIMEWiSE WiFi Connections
arrow Synchronize Time with NIST Standard 
arrow Functions as Time Server for TIMEWiSE Devices 
arrow Holds 20 Schedules of up to 500 events each 
arrow Program Schedule Change Events for Future Dates
arrow LAN 10BaseT 10/100 Connection
arrow Send e-mails on TIMEWiSE™ or WiFi Faults 
arrow Made in the U.S.A.

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