DLU225/DLU400 Series

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DLU225/DLU400 Series

Being ecologically friendly does not mean you have to sacrifice features. National Time is proud to introduce the industry’s lowest power consuming digital clock with features beyond those of other manufacturers. This microprocessor based secondary clock has the intelligence to adapt to the system on which it is installed. Whether it is a 3-wire synchronous system with 58th minute correction or hourly correction, a 4-wire system with AC run and DC reset, a two wire system with on-demand actual time reset, or one you haven’t seen for years... this is the clock for you. Right out of the box, this clock can distinguish and accept the most popular reset formats.

Having the industry’s lowest power consumption means more clocks can be powered from a single power supply, longer wire distances and less expensive smaller wire gauges. Compare competitor’s currents at 12 to 15 times our current! This adds up to savings to the installer as well as the owner with lower operating costs.

A battery-less backup timekeeping circuit is capable of surviving power outages over 10 days which alleviates long reset cycles even when operating on existing synchronous systems. Stand-alone operation without a master clock is also made possible using the included time setting buttons. 12 hour or 24 hour time format is selectable at each clock.

This premium series also offers National Time’s exclusive automatic dim feature that decreases the brightness to compensate for low ambient light levels associated with artistic and video productions. This not only provides a pleasant brightness level, but also saves energy during nighttime hours. Nine brightness levels may be selected to satisfy the brightest locations.

Class change count-down timer function is also supported. A popular option in K-12 schools. When operating on a two wire clock system, the reset input can be used to initiate a count-down timer and the duration can be individually set at each clock. (Optional beeper available, contact factory.) Alternately, a count-up timer function can be selected and will increment while the reset input is active for other custom applications.

Units can be powered by either 24VAC or 24VDC and have attractive 4” or 2.25” high visibility, wide-bar digits. 6-Digit versions also available, see DLU225-6 and DLU400-6. Compatible with 120VAC powered systems when the appropriate 24VAC transformer is mounted at each clock or double face unit. The durable steel housing, plug-in connectors and universal mounting plate simplify installation. An optional low profile surface box allows for surface mounted conduit entry. Powder gray finish standard, black and other colors upon request.



arrow Supports Many Reset Formats
arrow Analog Clock Compatible
arrow Automatic format detection
arrow 2, 3 or 4 Wire Compatibility
arrow 24VAC or 120VAC Operation
arrow 9 Brightness Levels
arrow 12/24-hr Display Format
arrow Stand-Alone Operation
arrow Accurate 60hz Timekeeping
arrow Industry's Lowest Power Consumption
arrow Long-Life Sealed Display
arrow Durable Steel Housing
arrow Plug-in Connectors

DLU225/DLU400 Series

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