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The WeNC is an Internet/LAN based clock system and auxiliary circuit controller. The WeNC comes equipped with two 120VAC 500W solid state outputs. These outputs can be configured to control National Time's clocks as well as most popular clocks of other manufacturers. The outputs can also be used for auxiliary devices such as bells, chimes, tones etc. typically found in schools. The WeNC operates on any TCP/IP-based Ethernet network, and automatically synchronizes the clock system with any standard NTP or SNTP time server or with the official United States atomic clock time source in Boulder, Colorado. The WeNC automatically corrects for daylight savings time and power outages. The WeNC can be configured, programmed, and monitored from any PC on the LAN network through a standard browser interface and a dedicated PC is not required during normal operation. Multiple WeNCs can be utilized to synchronize multiple clock systems throughout a campus, city, district, and beyond.



arrow Two 120VAC Solid-State Outputs
arrow Clock and/or Auxiliary Control
arrow Selectable Clock System Compatibility
arrow Automatic Daylight Savings
arrow LAN Interface
arrow Remote Web Browser Programming
arrow Handles Thousands of Events
arrow Multiple Schedules
arrow Made in the U.S.A.


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