TIMEWiSE™ Digital Clock

TIMEWiSE™ Digital Clock

The industry’s most advanced digital clock joins the TIME WiSE™ family of devices – the future of accurate time display for Schools, Hospitals and Industry.

National Time’s digital clock series has more features that benefit your organization than any other. NATSCO’s exclusive automatic dim feature that decreases the brightness to compensate for low ambient light levels associated with artistic and video productions. This not only provides a pleasant brightness level, but also saves energy during nighttime hours. Nine brightness levels may be selected to satisfy the brightest locations.

A class-change timer function is also supported. A popular option in K-12 schools. Count down the time left until students become tardy between classes. Alternately, a count-up timer function can be selected for other custom applications. Add a durable metal housing to the long life epoxy filled digit segments and you won’t find better value. Available in both 2.25” and 4” wide bar digits that increase the visibility over clocks of comparable size. 6-Digit versions displaying hours, minutes and seconds are also available.

Our timekeeping technology has evolved with your building infrastructure so your investment can be leveraged across multiple systems. Why install and debug a proprietary wireless system when you can use your existing WiFi wireless network? Also, unlike other wireless systems, our WiFi communication can be two-way, providing signal strength mapping at each clock location. Our system can notify you via e-mail or text message if there is a problem with connectivity or an errant clock.

Synchronize all of your clocks to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through the internet to get the most accurate time and keep all of your systems - computers, paging, HVAC - displaying the same time. All clock settings can be managed from any computer on the network or through a WiFi connection. Class change timer and tone activations can be scheduled through an intuitive user interface.

Installation and setup is easy with National’s Ad-Clock™ technology and your choice of network configurations. See Bulletin C-505 for more information



arrow Long-Life Epoxy Sealed Display
arrow Auto-Dim Feature for
arrow Theatrical, Video, and Artistic Productions
arrow 9 Brightness Levels
arrow 12/24-hr Display Format
arrow Count-up/down Timer Capability
arrow No Master Clock Required
arrow Battery-Less Backup Timekeeping
arrow Durable Steel Housing
arrow Plug-in Connectors
arrow No Server Software Required
arrow Leverage Existing WiFi Networks
arrow Easy Setup
arrow Compatible with 802.11b/g/n Networks
arrow Supports Existing Security Schemes

TIME WiSE™ Digital Clock

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